Lately Around Here


We are still missing our little Henry around here. I keep looking for him in his usual spots – on our bed at night or on the grey chair while Telfer and I watch Mad Men (how great was Sunday’s episode? Does anyone watch Mad Men besides us? Seriously people, it’s like watching a novel, I love it) or at the window when I back out in the morning. It’s just so very sad to lose a beloved pet. But then there is this crazy, wild, nutso puppy bouncing around the house. The first couple of days after I had to let Henry go I could barely stand to be in the same room with George – he simply wasn’t Henry – but over a week in – I am so thankful to have him around. I think I am a dog person.

Mom and Dad were here last weekend. The girls were so excited. We did the usual things – Bread Peddler, the Farmer’s Market but it was mostly a movie marathon – we watched Frozen, Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 in three days – a very much needed downtime for us all. Mom and Dad brought their little dog, Max, who is the same age as George. Whew. Two puppies are kind of exhausting (but fun too).

picstitch-4 copy

Lately Reading: (apparently all tan/cream-colored books): Someone by Alice McDermott with my college girls. Lovely video discussion on Sunday. How have we known each other for nearly 17 years? An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor. I listened to this but it was so wonderful that now I am reading it in print. Dog Songs: Poems by Mary Oliver. Because I desperately needed to read this last week. And finally, The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I unabashedly think Brene Brown is awesome. I think every woman should read this book. Or at least watch this.

My Sweet Henry

photo-3 copyWhen you love a dog they become part of your personal history and your family history and for better or worse become more beloved than most people. Especially in Telfer’s training years, Henry was my main companion and friend but even now, with two girls and another puppy, Henry and I were very connected. I love this dog. Henry hasn’t been feeling well for about a month and I took him in last week — the x-rays showed he was full of cancer. It happened so fast. We spent the last few days cuddling and eating bacon and chicken and chocolate chip cookies (why not?). But then last night he stopped eating and this morning he couldn’t go down the stairs. I had to let him go today and I am so sad.

Last week I went through our 4000+ pictures on flickr and put my favorite Henry pictures over the years into a set. He was such a very good boy.

A Trip to Powell’s


The last few weeks have been very full – I have been doing an additional project at work that although interesting, has consumed all my extra time. We hit a bit of a lull at the end of this week and I am looking forward to a weekend with Telfer and the girls and friends and little home projects and books and food.

But this picture. There’s a lot that has happened in the last few weeks that I wanted to report on but this picture is really all you need to know. Telfer and I did a complicated switch with Alyssa and Nate right outside of Portland last Friday. We put Cate and Jane in their car and Alyssa and Nate and Judah headed back to Olympia. And then we took all five girls to Powell’s City of Books. I had given them gift certificates to Powell’s for Christmas and have been so looking forward to going with them. Five girls in Powell’s was just too fun. Several people asked me if all the girls were mine and I said no every time but was tempted to say yes! And aren’t they beautiful? It really could be worse.

Eden, Cora and Neva love books and reading and have never been to Powell’s. They were absolutely floored by the variety and sheer number of books and consequently, absolutely adorable. We bought horse books and Mo Willems and drawing books and novels they had read at the library but now wanted for their very own. I loved taking them. We stopped at the coffee shop in Powell’s and had hot chocolate, cappuccino, and cookies. We drove home, to Olympia, the car quiet with my two small girls asleep in their carseats and Telfer driving, and the rest of us, reading.