Scenes from the Weekend

I am so terrible at taking photos when we have visitors. There is a lot going on and I am lucky to know where my phone is located let alone actually take a picture. My sisters both took a few.

We had a wonderful time together this last weekend. Cousins playing is probably one of my favorite things…also, this nephew of mine is seriously adorable. We ate well, went for walks, visited the bookshop and the farmer’s market. Judah especially loved the Dash bus…

judah on jane's little bike...
this kid is just so cute
my sisters + my girls
popcorn & bird bingo!

Five Things!

saturday morning strollers and babies

planting man

1. We planted our garden last weekend and for once, I was not the weakest link. I was a model weeder! It felt good! I also had a lovely Mother’s Day – the girls made me at least five cards (each) and we had Chris & Mendy and Nana over for a low-key brunch on Sunday. I went for a walk with George and snuggled in the hammock with the girls. There was also some reading in outdoor chairs sitting next to Telfer, cocktail in hand. We watched the next to last episode of Mad Men. All of my things, all in one day.

Soup Club Cookbook

2. Love this cookbook – anyone local want to start a soup club with me? Four families join, each family takes one week and delivers enough soup with sides and garnishes for the other three families. Love this idea! The recipes look really good. Cate would eat exactly none of the soups, the but the rest of us would so enjoy.

May have gotten a tatoo

3. I may have been tattooed this week. That sentence is so vague and passive – an attempt at cool? The bookshop is on the same block as a tattoo place and I popped in on Tuesday afternoon and fifteen minutes later came out with this on my arm. Thirty-six is a good age to get your first tattoo. (For the record, Telfer likes it.)

Word Cloud Books You Should Read

4. Chris and Mendy brought me back this poster (can’t seem to find exact print but link is to artist’s website) for the shop. I love it! I hope it sparks some good conversations about books at the shop – what customers have read, what they hope to read. So fun. One of my favorite features of Library Thing has always been the word cloud you can create with the authors in your personal library.

evening walk with george

5. This week has been uncommonly busy so I am thankful the weekend is already off to a good start. I got my hair cut this afternoon for the first time since the beginning of December. Now, I am sitting here at the bookshop for a Ladies Night Out shopping event downtown. We are staying open until 8:00 PM and I have a sneaking suspicion books are not exactly what the ladies are looking for when they do events like this…shoes and jewelry and a free glass of cheap wine maybe?  But Alyssa and her family are on the way to spend the weekend with us – among other things, we will celebrate Eden’s birthday (12!) and enjoy being together. The girls haven’t been to the bookshop yet so it will be fun to take them.

Five Things

not a bad way to spend an early release friday afternoon...

1. Early release afternoons spent at the bookshop aren’t bad. I love having Cate with me. She organized all the sticker books and then the coloring books. I had her make sure each rack held 8-10 coloring books. She was all over it. Cate is actually very good at math. Now she is curled up in a chair reading…Cropic Share File2. Last Sunday afternoon the girls and I took George on a nature hike in Watershed Park. In preparation they came home from church and made “nature hike” necklaces and bracelets (see photos). Cate also made a homemade pair of binoculars out of toilet paper rolls and Jane carried around a plastic bag with a pen, paper and sunglasses. She stopped every few feet on our hike to write down what she saw on the trail – a bug! water! dirt! butterfly!

the secret garden

3. This last week or so has been epic in terms of reading. I actually had a weekend off, nice weather, girls that play well together – all of this means I can read. Anna gifted me this Secret Garden illustrated by Lauren Child awhile back and I finally read it. It’s been at least twenty years since I read. Whoa, still packs a punch. I can’t wait to read this out loud to the girls…Also finished Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evens and The Folded Clock by Heidi Julavits. Both of which are completely worth picking up if it all looks like your thing. I needed both in different ways. Also, finished Letter to My Daughter by Maya Angelou, a chicken book, and a parenting book.

drop caps complete!

4. I am pleased to report that I am finished collecting the Penguin Drop Cap Series. How beautiful is this? Both girls are practicing the alphabet by owning these so, basically, this is an educational purchase. Can I write this off somewhere?

moved the chicken coop

5. We moved the chicken coop a few weeks ago and it’s so much better where it is now. But the moving. Picture the coop on a litter – princess style –  and the three other people manning the litter are six feet tall. And I am the fourth person at 5 ‘2 on a good day – I round up confidently. I was so the weakest link. But we successfully moved the coop – even over two fences. We have loved having chickens for the last two years but right next to the patio table? Maybe not the most intelligent thing Telfer and I have ever done. Turns out, chickens poop. A lot. It’s nice to have them a space away from our outdoor dining table. I can see them now from my kitchen window and from my bedroom window, scratching around, making chicken noises. Pretty wonderful.

birch trees are leafing out

The birch trees are leafing out which makes me so happy. Telfer is working this weekend here and there. We are planting our garden tomorrow and I think Mother’s Day will happen on Sunday. Looking forward to a couple days outside with my trio. The girls and I have already made beaded necklaces outside and it’s only Friday evening so I am feeling like I am starting off the weekend exactly right.