Tale of Two Nightstands

TelfersnightstandSo this is Telfer’s nightstand. Notice how orderly it is – how the books are stacked just so – how his alarm clock is nicely centered on one of the piles. 

AndreasnightstandThis is the current state of my nightstand. The only reason why the stacks stay up is because Telfer arranges them for me weekly. Otherwise, books crashing down, sliding off their piles, wake him in the middle of the night.  I sleep fine. I personally think that everyone needs one area in their life that holds a bit of chaos.  And I choose my nightstand.


One thought on “Tale of Two Nightstands

  1. Kathy Burns

    I am so glad to see that someone besides me has a nightstand that looks like yours, Andrea. Did you know that Claire will be a Dooley R.A. next year? I heard Covenant sing last night and she really did a good job.

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