Imgp0280Yes, we admit it. Telfer and I are closet The O.C. watchers. Yes, that O.C. – the soap opera teen trauma/drama. For some reason, we really like it. When Claire (Telfer’s sister) found out our secret, she gave us these t-shirts that she and her friends at NNU made. So here we are (Claire’s on her spring break) in our matching t-shirts. Front (California here we come and back (The O.C. rocks our eyebrows – a reference to Peter Gallagher’s amazingly *huge* eyebrows) for your viewing pleasure.


5 thoughts on “Confession

  1. J.R. Caines

    I am ashamed to know you guys.
    *hides his head*
    Okay, on a extreamly ironc side note, Jenny and I will be in So. Cal April 17-23 and would love to see you guys….
    We should work soemthing out.

  2. kylee pearson

    A fine confession if you ask me,(though I can’t remember how I originally became hooked). There’s some bashful but proud support from a fellow blue shirt wearer! Claire told me she had a great time visiting you and mentioned the Thursday night ritual. I hope you two are doing well!
    -kylee pearson
    * site recommended by kathy burns

  3. Claire Griffith

    The only thing that would make the O.C. more quality, would be if it fell under the category of “daytime television.”

  4. Brandon Hill

    Hey guys, I know what you mean, The O.C. is a sweet show. i watch when I want to remember about what it was like to be an attractive teenager…oh wait. That’s not realistic whatsoever.
    Telfer, I saw the picture of your sister and thought, “Hm, she looks just like a girl in Covenant that I took photos of for the poster design.” Then it clicked for me, ahhhh. I’m almost completed with the NNU Travel group marketing so I’ll send you a jpeg of Covenant’s when I’m done.
    have a good one. stop by my blog:

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