My nieces.

EdenGettingI know I am hopelessly biased, but I think my nieces are among the cutest children ever to crawl on the face of the earth. Eden is nearly two and-a-half and I love hearing about how much she reflects her age. She loves Elmo and recently left me a message singing the entire alphabet. Impressive. Cora is almost six months old. She is especially good at making cute noises and spitting up on her mom (right after she takes a shower and gets dressed).


One thought on “My nieces.

  1. RaChelle

    The final one…
    I need an “I Love Mommy 2005” T-shirt! Eden and Cora are stinking cute! Is Eden putting a special wrestling move on Cora in the second picture?!
    Cute girls Alyssa (and Nate)…can’t wait to see them in person! Maybe in February…?

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