My Dad the Handyman

Mom and Dad visited us a couple of weeks ago and we put them to work! I hope they want to come back someday…we’ll have to play more then. Our camera is on the fritz and so I had to take pictures after the fact rather than right in the midst of the action.

The fruits of Dad’s labor: Picture 1: I literally had no outlets in our kitchen pre-Dad. Seriously – we had to pick up the toaster to actually toast something. So great. Picture 2: Ice, anyone? Dad also hooked up our ice machine. Picture 3: The side of our garage apartment was really dark and scary (also where our laundry facilities are located) – Dad put in a motion light so I don’t get scared when I change the laundry. Picture 4: Our laundry room works but is not exactly ideal – I used to have to walk in and try to find the light pull in the dark, thanks to my Dad/favorite electrician, I have a new light switch.

While my dad and Telfer conquered plumbing and electrical projects, my mom and I had a more balanced approach to the weekend (which basically means we shopped). We did do *some* work –  Mom made two batches of her famous potato rolls for Thanksgiving and helped me pick out and plant flowers.


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