Christmas at the Griffith’s

Well, we are certainly enjoying ourselves in our new house. Telfer spent Sunday afternoon/evening (after dark naturally) on the ladder putting Christmas lights up. Before he could actually hang/plug in the lights, he had to install an electrical outlet in the front of the house. My dad (the real electrician) would be proud (and more than a little scared).

Picture 1: Telfer looking just a little bit happy with his evening accomplishments. Picture 2: The final product. Picture 3: View from the couch.



4 thoughts on “Christmas at the Griffith’s

  1. J.R. Caines

    Wow, looks great! How fun to hang lights on your own house! Are you gusy going to be in Olympia at all this year? Jenny and I will be there between the 21st and the 27th.

  2. RaChelle

    Love it! Happy Christmas in your first house. We just got our Christmas lights up today…I was feeling a little anxious, like we were missing the “window of opportunity” to hang them. Let’s all just snuggle up and look at our Christmas tree’s for
    the next three weeks:-). XO.

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