Andrea’s Five Reasons to be Thankful in 2005

Ta_1Reason #1:
Not only did we
decide where Telfer should do his residency (hand-wringing was involved), but God
has given us such a nice place to live while we are here! We love being

Reason #2:
Telfer successfully
graduated from medical school. I know there wasn’t much doubt of his success,
but it was so wonderful to reach an ending point.
Reason #3:
Cora Rose, my
newest niece, was born in April. I love calling Alyssa to catch up on the
latest Eden and Cora stories.
Reason #4:
My college friends.
This summer and fall was such a great time. I flew to Boise for two different weddings (Kori and
Andy and Missy and Jason) and a baby shower (Melissa Roskam). These girls,
RaChelle, Anna, Kori, and Melissa, are on my short list of favorite and
important people. 
Reason #5:
The last one is basic,
but nevertheless significant after a year of watching blatant tragedy.  I am so thankful and humbled to be healthy, married
to someone I wouldn’t trade in for the world, living in a home that I delight
in, and blessed with time to read (very important).

Thanks for visiting
our blog – click on “archives” and you can read/look at pictures documenting
our past year.


One thought on “Andrea’s Five Reasons to be Thankful in 2005

  1. RaChelle

    And I am so thankful for and blessed by your friendship…Love you! Here’s to 2006 – hood to coast, being aunts:-), emaling, fun recipes, traveling and making memories!

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