My favorite show of all time.

Kiefer_sutherland_07I am totally fickle when it comes to "my favorite" anything but I must say, 24 is the best show ever and Kiefer Sutherland is the best (fake) agent ever. Previously, my favorite shows ever were Alias, Gilmore Girls and the Sopranos, but 24 is EVEN BETTER. We are totally addicted and working through Season 1 (almost done) on Netflix.


3 thoughts on “My favorite show of all time.

  1. RaChelle

    What happened to the O.C.? I think Mischa Barton (sp?) is crushed!:-) I, like everyone else, appreciated the updates.:->

  2. Brandon Hill

    Can’t agree more. We all watch 24 everyday at lunch here in our conference room.
    Addicted to all seasons and my fiancee has a crush on Jack. dang it!

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