Mr. Liam Hall

  Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Liam Hall was my very cute overnight guest this weekend. Bekah and Jeff jetted off to Palm Springs to celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary and I got to watch Liam for them! He came on Saturday afternoon and his parents picked him up a little while ago. He ate (bottles of milk, hot dogs, peaches, and rice cereal), played (those cool blocks in the picture), read (Goodnight Moon & The Foot Book), we walked down College Avenue and we even slept a little!


2 thoughts on “Mr. Liam Hall

  1. Anna

    Oh, I am a little jealous! Too bad we couldn’t joint babysit. I had Addy on Thursday night this week. Wish that we were closer together and could share the fun of cute babys that are other peoples!

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