Order of the Phoenix

andrea walking henry
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Friday was a good day. Telfer didn’t have to work until 7 p.m. and so I took the day off. We went to see Order of the Phoenix and to a real lunch @ the Yard House. Real because we haven’t been to a restaurant since May (attempting to save $ for a trip in September). We thought Harry Potter deserved a restaurant.

My opinion: visually, it’s my favorite in the series so far. Wonderful sets, details, costumes (Umbridge). The script? Definitely not my favorite. While I agree that summer movies tend to go a little long (ahem, Spider Man, Pirates), twenty more minutes of building up characters and plot would have made this the best Harry movie.  My specific gripes? Show Ron more love – hi, he didn’t get to play quidditch AT ALL. And also? Cho Chang did NOT rat out the DA – it was her friend! I realize that the writers wanted a quick way to wrap up the Harry/Cho relationship but this was too simple. Anyway, I will stop as this is probably tiresome for most of you. Missy? We can talk later.

BTW: I realize the picture doesn’t make much sense on this post – but it’s so summery and Henry looks so cute walking.


One thought on “Order of the Phoenix

  1. missy

    I already need a support group.
    Your assessment was right on, btw. I was a bit sad that they apparently decided to give up creating a coherent plot (um, explaining why the prophesy was important seemed elementary, as well as key). But Umbridge was delicious. And the DD/LV fight incredible. And, thankfully, Harry was not naked.
    So, I think I’m running out of room here… πŸ™‚

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