Riddle me this

So, I am at the reference desk, and a woman walks by the desk, pausing at the nameplate that lists "Andrea Griffith" as the reference librarian, and stands with a bemused expression. I asked if I could help, no, she says, "I am just looking at your name. Your parents must have an incredible sense of humor."

Is there something no one is telling me?


5 thoughts on “Riddle me this

  1. Amanda

    I just shared your story with my co-worker and she said “Andy Griffith?” However, I consider that pretty far reaching and I would have NEVER made that connection. Plus, it is your married name. Silly woman!

  2. Melinda Griffith

    Andy Griffith is also what I thought. I get Melanie Griffith frequently. Stars’ names stick in people’s heads. Next time you can tell the person that you were named after Andy, as your parents admired him so much. :0 My girls have taught me to arm myself with comments to throw people on the defensive rather than merely be abashed. PS I’m proud that you’re a Griffith! Mendy (A blended name formed from Andy and Melanie)

  3. melissa roskam

    I must admit I was very perplexed at the comment myself but then last night the Andy Griffith thing popped in my head. I thought I was so clever to have thought of it but apparently Amanda is one step ahead of me!! Oh well. I am also in aggreement with anna. That is your married name. She is obviously not very bright herself. And who says such a thing to a perfect stranger anyway? Love you prego! Thinking of you often

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