Cate’s Room

We have had a little too much fun planning Cate’s room. It’s not a traditional baby girl room but we think it’s pretty great. Telling people our nursery colors are teal, orange, grey & pink has been an interesting experience.

We wanted a more modern look AND didn’t want to re-purchase a bunch of items (bedding, etc.) in case we have a boy next time. We got a lot of ideas from the nursery site OhDeeDoh by Apartment Therapy in case any of you are thinking about planning a nursery anytime soon…


5 thoughts on “Cate’s Room

  1. Alyssa

    OH. MY. CUTENESS. I love every inch of Cate’s room. All of the colors together look awesome. Mom’s quilt will look cute in there too. DO you want to come & re-decorate my whole house? You guys did a fantastic job and I LOVE it! Thanks for putting up so many pictures!

  2. missy

    um, it is per. fect. how wonderful! and, btw, are you sure you’re not jumping the gun a bit, because you do NOT LOOK BIG ENOUGH to be having a baby in a few weeks! πŸ™‚

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