For the love of a hot dog

Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Before this baby comes, we are trying to cross a few things off our L.A. list that we have neglected in the seven years of living here…check off a visit to Pink’s, a famous L.A./Hollywood hot dog shack.

Of course we went *after* the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night which meant we were standing in line for over an hour in an interesting (read:  seedy) part of town. Honestly though, when we finally had our hot dogs in our hot little hands at at 2:00 in the morning, it was well worth it…SO GOOD. And then we had to drive over an hour to get home.

Note: my hot dog has the fake nacho cheese squeezed all over it. I think Telfer will find this is an important distinction. Sheer willpower keeps me from consuming fake nacho cheese over everything.

pink’s hot dogs
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.


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