Current Obsessions

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Behold my Valentine's Present from Telfer. I have wanted these boots FOREVER and since we are moving to NYC and after that, the rainiest place on earth, Telfer took pity and bought them for me. I decided on green, even though it makes me look I work for the forest service. But then I decided it was okay as my Grandpa Carroll worked for the forest service and I subsequently love Smokey the Bear. If you need me to sing you the Smokey the Bear song, call and I will do so. 

Orla Kiely at Target! I love her bags but so far have been too cheap to buy one, Target is so much more my price range. I bought the vase and a storage container for Cate's room.

And in case you're like me and mourning the loss of my two favorite magazines, Cottage Living and Domino, here are my favorite home-ish blogs:

Making it Lovely | Oh Happy Day | Apartment Therapy | Not Martha | (not home design per se) 

Also: Cate and I are preparing to head up to Richland tomorrow for a whole week! I am so excited – we are going to celebrate Alyssa's birthday, Elizabeth's new job, Jamie Willis' baby, and my parent's new family room! Pray for good flights tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Current Obsessions

  1. RaChelle

    Having a momentary crisis – I just subscribed to Domino for my cousin as a Christmas gift (and also snagged a subscription myself) – is it really done for?
    Good pick up on the boots – may need some for the snow as well – work up to a nice dusting this morning. Hello, it is almost March!
    And, like Missy I love reading your blog and I love you!:-)

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