Five Months Plus

so big!
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Telfer and I are thinking Cate looks pretty old about now. She's been so smiley and sweet today.

in perspective
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

And then I realize, she isn't that old after all. 

Also: three people also thought she was a boy today. Does a grey hat equal boy to people? Hello, pink pants? Pink blanket in the stroller?


2 thoughts on “Five Months Plus

  1. Adrielle Griffith

    I got that all the time with Alyce and she always wore pink! I figured people must have just thought I was an awful mom who was trying to raise my little boy as a girl! I would NEVER put a boy of mine in pink! Just for the record!

  2. eleanor

    people are stupid.
    your captions are always so.. a propos? (searching for something more a propos than ‘perfect.’) I looked at the first pic and thought – oh my, she does look old. Then I looked at the next one and went..well, you know. like when you see DOWN SLOW in the road, only the other way around.

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