Toddler-looking girl

Getting ready to go outside!
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

future librarian
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Cate is looking like a toddler this week (rather than a baby). She is starting to fit into some of her 18-24 month clothing. So stylish. Especially the "future librarian" t-shirt. I wonder who picked that out? Cate also received her first pair of saltwater sandals in the mail from today. Ah. I almost wish I had a pair in my size but I think my feet are too big for saltwater sandals…

Walking update: almost there. She's taking many unassisted steps per day but just doesn't want to go whole hog and walk everywhere.

After a nasty, rain-filled weekend, this week has been gorgeous. I love the sun. Telfer and I keep looking at our pasty skin and saying, "so this is what we looked like before we spent eight years in the sun."


2 thoughts on “Toddler-looking girl

  1. RaChelle

    Can’t believe she is big enough to wear her librarian shirt…remember comments like, “I will get a bigger size so she can grow into it…” Big girl! Maybe Cate and Claire know something we don’t. Claire does not want to sit up – why, when you can roll?!

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