Baby Feet

Jane’s feet
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Okay, I have a thing with baby feet. I CANNOT put socks on baby feet! I was the exact same way with Cate. Be honest: if you got the Christmas card of our family with the picture of a sock-less Cate two months after she was born, did you think to yourself “that baby needs socks?” If given a chance, both of Cate’s grandmothers would put socks on her and then I would immediately take them off.

Now Cate wears socks all the time and I don’t think twice about it. So I thought I was over my trouble. And then I had Jane. And I still can’t put socks on those wee, sweet feet. Mostly she is in footed onepieces but on the occasion I put her in pants, I can’t bring myself to cover her feet! And so she goes sock-less at the end of October…


One thought on “Baby Feet

  1. Becca Henrickson

    Meh. You are in a heated home and if her feet were freezing you would take care of it. I totally understand and think you should enjoy those teeny toes as long as you can! No worries in my opinion.

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