The Dairy Queen

Seriously, if I had one regret in life it would be that I did not work at the Dairy Queen in high school. I really wish that I knew how to make a perfect soft-serve cone and a perfect no-drip blizzard. If that's my one regret…

It's been beautiful the last few days in Olympia so I promised Cate yesterday that we would go to ice cream after nap. Telfer was quite concerned over the whole cone issue. At first he wanted to get a cone and share it with Cate (picture Telfer carefully spooning out little bites). Then he wanted to get her a cone and invert the ice cream end into a bowl. We almost had words at the counter. I wanted to get Cate her own DQ cone. Side note: I love that there is now a mini-blizzard! The perfect size!

I obviously won and she did a great job. Ate the entire thing in like two minutes and wanted more:

first dairy queen cone first dairy queen cone first dairy queen cone dairy queen!


3 thoughts on “The Dairy Queen

  1. Marbs

    Love that Cate had her own cone, way to go mom! I am happy to share my three summers of DQ knowledge with you anytime. πŸ™‚

  2. andrea

    i have been jealous of that dq knowledge since our freshman year of college when you told me you worked there!

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