A Belated Valentine’s Day

frosting cupcakes

The girls and I had such a nice Valentine's Day despite the fact that Telfer has been at work for what feels like night and day all week. It's not quite that bad but I know HE is tired and when Telfer is actually tired it means it might be as bad as I think. Telfer is loving and kind all year – we don't need just one day! Ahhhhh… He didn't have to be at work until 8:00 or so on Valentine's Day morning so he bought me a pastry and let me sleep in for 45 minutes extra. Really, what more do I need? 


creativity run amok

Cate and I made Valentine's with heart confetti. I suspect I will be finding tiny, shiny little hearts all over the house for the next three years. I realized that it's kind of nice to not be particularly crafty because I have no real expectations when it comes to the final product. Crooked? No problem! Lots of glue? Who cares? We had fun…

@ molly moon's in seattle

On Saturday night Sherry and I went up to Seattle to hang out with Elizabeth in her neighborhood. It was so nice to be walking in a city – it helps that I had lovely company and good food (here and here and here).


One thought on “A Belated Valentine’s Day

  1. RaChelle

    We attempted a craft involving pom-poms…sigh. Glad we are not friends based on our crafting skills. Good food choices – I need some of that ice cream!

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