Halloween [etc.]

Telfer carved this little owl for me – he’s the little baby owl in Little Owl Lost, a sweet picture book RaChelle gave the girls. I think he’s so cute.

Speaking of owls, Jane dressed up as one for Halloween. How cute is she? Cate was AMAZING GIRL! It was kind of amazing…We had a good Halloween. There are so many ways of handling candy with kids but I read on a blog a couple of years ago how a mom lets her kids eat as much candy as they want on Halloween and then it is rationed to one or two a day after that. It actually works pretty well. Jane ate maybe two pieces of candy and of course Cate ate a lot more than that but nothing ridiculous. And then it cuts out the control/negotiating aspect of Halloween that can be such a nightmare when you have an amazing type of child. Hah!

Then on Friday, RaChelle brought Brynn and Claire over for a visit. Brynn is the sweetest, most cuddly little three-month-old ever. We had such a nice day at home with all four girls. It always goes too fast though!