Christmas Report


  • It snowed a few days before Christmas and it was on a day that we could bundle up and play outside. The girls basically just like to eat the snow. And then we wash it down with hot chocolate.
  • Mary Eleanor was born a couple of weeks before Christmas. She is a beautiful little baby – she came over with her siblings on her one-week birthday for pizza and a Christmas movie. Jane was really traumatized we didn’t have a place set for her at the table. Maybe next year Jane.
  • Aunt Eleanor is here! Uncle Nate & Aunt Claire and baby Nolan (who I managed *not* to get a picture) of were here too.
  • We made what felt like a lightening trip to Richland for two days and enjoyed Christmas Eve and part of Christmas Day with my family. Baby Judah is delightful – I love these two almost-one-year-old nephews – they are both such boys…
  • We ditched the traditional Christmas Eve service and had a little home service in my parent’s living room. It was such a sweet time.
  • My Dad bought White Christmas to watch on Christmas Eve and it was just so great and Christmassy and it felt like the longest amount of time I have sat down in weeks. In the very best possible way.
  • And now we are home. Telfer worked the day after Christmas and I worked a bit on Friday. We are still having little Christmassy gatherings and Telfer and I are headed to the theater this afternoon to see American Hustle. The girls are enjoying their Christmas presents – it’s so fun to hear them playing with their new flashlights while dressed as Cinderella crossed with Little Red Riding Hood. Awesome.