Quote for the day [my life]

Finished this weekend. This quote is what I keep returning to read and think over:

“It's a very American trait, this wanting people to think well of us. It's a young want, and I am ashamed of it in myself…Haven't I learned yet that the desire to be perfect is always disastrous and, at the least, loses me in the mire of false guilt? Perfectionism is imprisoning. As long as I demand it, in myself or anybody else, I am not free, and all my life – fifty-two this summer – I've believed that freedom is important, that, despite all our misuse and abuse of it, freedom is what makes us a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory and honor, according to the psalmist; how like a god, according to Shakespeare; freedom to remember, to share, to dream, to accept irrationality and paradox is what makes us human animals.”



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