First Day of School

Cate started full-day Kindergarten yesterday. Jane started her first year (of two) of Pre-K on Tuesday. These pictures kill me. Of course I was the weakest link in the three – definitely harder on mom than kids! I went to work right after drop-off and proceeded to be worthless It feels like such a milestone to have a girl in elementary school. If only we could figure out a morning schedule. Today, particularly, was a little on the rough side. Drop-offs in two locations and work of my own definitely makes everything complicated. Hoping this all feels normal soon – Maybe by the end of next week?

funny girls
think this kid is ready for K?
girls on first day of school
girls on first day of school


3 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Missy

    I love this. And I can so sympathize with the search for a morning routine. It only takes about two weeks to fall into place and all feel normal…right?

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