A new year

For the last couple of years, it takes a few weeks for me to build momentum for the new year. It’s a slow start. I think it’s mostly getting used to doing retail during the holidays. It’s so nuts! And at the end of the year, there’s so much to catch up with that it’s hard to think about anything new.

We had a quiet week after Christmas, Mom and Dad visited for a couple of days, and then our little family escaped to Astoria on January 1. We had beautiful weather for a walk at Fort Stevens State Park. We stayed at Hotel Elliott (good beds!) and ate at Fort George (twice). Such a lovely New Year’s getaway.

Post-holidays, the store was a complete disaster. We’ve restocked the shelves, cleaned up very messy storerooms, said good-bye to a much valued employee, and are in the process of training two new employees. We earned enough money over the holidays to put in a new furnace (adulting!) and as of yesterday, the project is done. I am looking forward to my future energy bills.

The girls are back in school and doing so well. We have mostly escaped all the snow and general weather plaguing much of the Northwest. Cate got a deep splinter in her foot from our old dining room floor so I ordered both girls a new pair of slippers. They got to choose which pair they wanted and for the first time in their lives, chose different styles. I think we’re entering a new phase.


view from my desk

All my book and reading related spaces are updated in case you like to keep up. I am starting a new shelf project here in a bit – I have maybe four books left on the previous shelf project.

Current favorites:

book I loved: Miss Jane by Brad Watson. I may have read my favorite novel of 2017 and it’s only January.

re-reading (slowly): Moby-Dick with a favorite customer. We plan to celebrate with clam chowder and conversation sometime in the Spring.

reading with girls: Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. A tattered yellow copy from my childhood.

watching: T and I just finished watching The Crown on Netflix. Looking for another series perhaps?

dinner: could eat Curried Cauliflower with Chickpeas every night.



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